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About BSC

About BSC

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Bird Strike Committee USA was formed in 1991 as a forum to facilitate the exchange of information, promote the collection and analysis of accurate wildlife strike data, promote the development of new technologies for reducing wildlife hazards, promote professionalism in wildlife management programs on airports through training and advocacy of high standards of conduct for airport biologist and bird patrol personnel, and be a liaison to similar organizations in other countries.

Bird Strike Committee USA is a volunteer organization directed by a Steering Committee consisting of members from representative organizations, including the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, the private sector, aviation industry/airlines and airports.

The Steering Committee meets annually in conjunction with the Bird Strike Committee Conference, and again in the winter. During and between these meetings, the Committee is hard at work addressing wildlife strike challenges.

Participation in the annual meetings is open to any person interested in reducing wildlife hazards to aviation and in wildlife and environmental management at airports.

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Our Ethics Statment

Steering Committee Members & General Members of the Bird Strike Committee USA (BSC USA) are to keep to the highest level of ethical conduct and professional service in pursuit of its mission to increase knowledge and promote awareness.  It is a member’s obligation to conduct his/her practices in a way that will be of benefit to the committees’ mission and the public good.  BSC USA puts forth these values to give those whom may be influenced by this committee a basis for confidence in assuring them that committee members will provide services in accordance with professional standards of competency, objectivity, and integrity.  We will always conduct business honestly and honorably, and expect our general members, and visitors to do the same.

Participants in the activities of the BSC USA, whether or not they are members of the steering committee, should engage in an environment free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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