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Bird Strike Committee USA is dedicated to reducing wildlife hazards to aviation. The Committee hosts an annual conference, which includes meetings, posters and presentations, exhibitors, demonstrations, poster & photo contests, and a field trip to the host airport. Participation in the annual meeting and conference is open to anyone interested in reducing wildlife hazards to aviation and in wildlife and environmental management at airports.

During this three day annual event, a wide array of topics are covered:

  • wildlife strike reporting/statistics in relation to safety management systems
  • bird management and control techniques
  • research on new technologies to reduce wildlife hazards
  • training in wildlife management on airports
  • military concerns of wildlife hazards
  • aircraft engines/components performance and standards related to wildlife hazards
  • policies/ standards for airports and aircraft operations related to wildlife hazards
  • land use and environmental issues concerning airports
  • migration, behavior and sensory capabilities related to aviation
  • remote sensing/modeling to detect and predict bird numbers and movements

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