List of Training Courses, Workshops, and Meetings related to managing wildlife hazards to aviation


A major goal of Bird Strike Committee USA is to promote professionalism in wildlife management programs on airports through training and advocacy of high standards of conduct for airport biologists and bird patrol personnel. 


To this end, the following is a list in chronological order of upcoming training opportunities of which BSC-USA is aware.  This listing is provided as an informational service only.  BSC-USA does not endorse or favor the below–listed training events to the exclusion of events that are not listed.  BSC-USA encourages people and organizations that are looking for training opportunities to carefully review the information provided for each course, workshop, or meeting that is listed.






Training opportunity







11 – 14 Aug 2014

Atlanta, GA

Bird Strike Committee-USA

BSC-USA annual conference

24 - 26 Sep 2014

Tokyo, Japan

World Birdstrike Association (formerly International Bird Strike Committee, IBSC)

WBA (IBSC) Conference

5 – 8 Oct 2014

Bloomington, MN

AAAE and MSP International Airport

AAAE Airport Wildlife Trainers Course