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Wildlife strikes in the news, wildlife / aviation in the news, and related wildlife or environmental articles of interest to the aviation community are provided via links below, with most recent articles posted top down. If you have links to articles of interest for the website, please send them to the Communications Committee (link).


Bird Strikes in the news

Accident: Transavia B738 at Girona on Jul 11th 2014, bird strike

SWFL Airport dog Aero’s job is for the birds


Wildlife Hazards to Aviation Safety

Congressmen Angry New Technology Shown to Prevent Bird Strikes Not Available at U.S. Airports

Airports Reducing Wildlife Strike Risks

Soaring deer populations are nuisances for airports, threats to pilots


Wildlife Hazard Mitigation efforts

Airbus Patents Plans to Frighten Birds Away From Planes and Airports

Airports welcome bees to the flight plan

Wildlife biologist works to keep birds, furry critters away from Mitchell airport

Airport’s Incredibly Cute Lawn-Trimmers Are Back On The Job

Atlantic City International Airport lets weeds grow to deter birds, aircraft strikes

Airport tests new way to avoid deadly bird strikes: Tall grass

Tall Grasses Might Be Key to Cutting Birdstrikes- An Audubon Chapter is partnering with Dayton International Airport to reduce Bird-Aircraft Collisions.

Alaska Man’s Job Is To Keep Skies Bird-Free For Airplane Takeoffs


Note: BSC USA does not necessarily endorse postings or statements made in the links provided, but are provided here as a forum to share aviation safety/wildlife related news articles. All efforts will be made to include only articles of interest that serve to inform, educate, and raise awareness of wildlife strike issues related to aviation.

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