Species Identification

Accurate data collection is essential to wildlife hazard management programs. Be sure to rely on the Smithsonian Feather and DNA Lab for identifying species involved in strikes via Snarge and feathers collected from aircraft. For identification of wildlife seen during observations, online and printed field guides are a great resource. You might also contact: your state’s natural resources office or website, agricultural extension services, higher education programs, and local birding groups.

The below bird identification sites are recommended by our members for their ease of use. We will add others as we become aware of them. If you know of sites you would like to recommend that are not listed here, please contact us.

All About Birds


Audubon Online Guide to North American Birds

Carolina Raptor Center (hawks, owls, and vultures)

The Raptor Fund- Raptor Identification (hawks, owls, and vultures)

Slater Museum of Natural History Wing and Tail Image Collection (Pacific northwest birds)


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